Challenge course facilitators actively lead groups through low and high element challenge course and team building activities with a focus on personal and group development.

We offer free low and high element skill development workshops for those who are interested in working with the Syracuse University Challenge Course including students and community members. No previous experience on a challenge course is required, though previous experience is preferred. After gaining the skills necessary to facilitate programs on the challenge course and going through the application process, work hours would be on a part-time/per-diem basis.

Skill development workshops are available for several types of our programming including: Outdoor High Element, Outdoor Low Element, and Indoor High Element. This allows facilitators to gain the skills necessary to begin working with one program type while continuing to gain skills in other areas.

After attending workshops, facilitators will complete a skills assessment with a program coordinator, followed by 1-2 observations for each skill set. Each individual will progress at their own pace while developing the necessary skill set to work all program types.

Upcoming Workshops: Check back soon for details and upcoming workshops!

Low Element Facilitation

Outdoor High Element Skills and Facilitation

Outdoor High Element Advanced Skills

Participants must have completed the Outdoor High Element Skills and Facilitation prior to attending any Advanced Skills workshops. These skills are not required to become a staff member.

Ready to get Started?

Contact our Challenge Course Staff to sign-up for workshops and learn more about being a staff member at the SU Challenge Course.

E-mail: challenge@syr.edu
Phone: 315-443-9935