cropped-IMG_0990.jpgMay 2014

Summer is finally here (unofficially) and the SU Outdoor Challenge Course is up and running! We started the month of April with training, getting both returning facilitators refreshed and new facilitators trained. We hosted one of our favorite trainers, Kevin “Doc” Klein, who showed our facilitation staff the ropes, so to speak, as well as providing his unique style and insight into the processing aspects of challenge course facilitation. May started out slowly, but ended with a bang. On May 17 & 18 we had a blast hosting a weekend training session with community facilitators from the CNY region. During this training we were able to share new ideas, teach old ones, and laugh about ones that didn’t work as well as planned. Because of this training we were able to make connections, build friendships and introduce people to our “Odyssey” style challenge course, as well as the zip-line and triple leap of faith.

The later part of May brought a group that our facilitators won’t forget for quite some time… The Syracuse SWAT team participated in a four hour long, team building, fun, and slightly crazy time. In the end they showed how teams strive, work, and finish… together. We are looking forward to all the groups we’ll be working with over the course of the summer! Hope to see you “On Belay”!