rooseveltWhether you are a student or a seasoned vet in the workplace, confidence is key to all that you do. It is important to believe in yourself otherwise negative messages from naysayers will hold you back from reaching your full potential. When people think of outdoor education, they usually think ‘adventure’ ‘team building‘ ‘leadership.’ These are all important factors, but there is so much more to gain from a challenge course. Confidence, for example, is a skill that can be developed.

Confidence takes time to build, so for those of you who are struggling, we hope you will consider doing the ‘Cuse Challenge Course as a way to begin your journey towards better self esteem. Here are 3 ways outdoor education can help you build confidence:

You learn to take pride in your achievements

Before you undergo a challenge course, you should set goals for yourself. Then, go out there and accomplish them! One of the best things about challenge courses is there is something for everyone. One activity may seem a little bit too intimidating for you, but another activity may be right up your alley. Take pride in your successes!

You learn to support others

When you undergo a challenge course with a team, a lot of real emotions and feelings come out. For example, you may find out one of your teammates is deathly afraid of heights. By encouraging them, you become their ally. Being confident does not always have to be about the “me,” it could simply be showing grace and support for others. And remember, showing genuine support is one of the most important qualities of great leaders.

You learn to break out of your comfort zone

There is no greater moment to step outside your comfort zone than when you are doing a challenge course! Confident people constantly try new things because they are not afraid of failure. Don’t hold yourself back because you are paralyzed with fear of the unknown.  There are so many exciting activities to do in a challenge course. It is important to know your limits, but do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something new!